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Welcome to Eurostroller, a boutique style showroom carrying exclusive European designed & manufactured strollers and other products that support health and comfort of babies.

Official distributor in North America for: 

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website preview screenWelcome to our brand new website!  We've listened to our customers and have provided a great new way to shop at Eurostroller.  Look for our "Product of the Month" and promotions listed on the right.  Our site also has the ability to be translated in multiple languages for our customers, just simply click the "Select Language" drop-down above the search bar.  Speaking of search, you can search our entire new website by keyword for more ease of use.

Feel free to visit our E-Commerce site by clicking the blue "Shop Now" button or the "Shop" menu link above.

Lastly, we hope you enjoy your online experience.  Please feel free to contact us or simply fill out the contact form located on the "Contact Us" page.

- Eurostroller



Travel System Advisory

Thinking Of Using A Travel System?

Think Again! Infants should not be spending unnecessary time in their car seats. A new study in the journal Pediatrics shows that infant car seats can compress the chest wall and reduce the airway size which may result in lower oxygen level in the blood. The study placed 200 new born babies in the hospital crib and in a car seat. Infants who slept in a car seat had lower oxygen levels than those who slept in a crib. This puts a new light on the over extensive use of the popular travel systems where convenience for parents outweighs the health of babies. Parents today can unclick the baby from the car without taking the baby out of the car seat and click into a stroller as they go about their ways. This results in infants spending over extended time in this compromising position. Experts advise that car seats should only be used in cars for safe travelling and not a convenient substitute for a crib or stroller.

Sources: CNN Health